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This statement sets out the standard terms of your engagement with our firm. Unless modified in writing, these terms will form an integral part of your agreement with us. We would like you to have a clear understanding of the services we will provide. Therefore, we ask that you review this statement carefully and contact us if you have any questions so that they can be dealt with promptly. We also suggest that you retain this statement for future reference. Your payment of the invoice constitutes acceptance of these terms. We may refer to you as “Client” or “you” throughout this document.


Trademark registration services are provided by Angel Trademark Services International LP (hereinafter referred to as “Trademark Angel” or “we”) who will do its bеѕt to register a trademark but саnnоt guаrаntее registration of any trademarks. If a trademark is refused by a relevant Trademark Office or орроѕеd by a 3rd party, Trademark Angel саnnоt be held liable if said trademark dоеѕ not оbtаin registration.

Trademark Angel is not a law firm. Trademark Angel is a trademark registration firm that employs or sub-contracts registered trademark agents, lawyers, paralegals, and assistants. Trademark Angel may also refer clients to or contract for the services of lawyers in its trusted referral network to provide legal advice directly to client(s) as may be required from time to time. Please note that only lawyers can provide legal advice and legal services. By hiring us to provide your trademark registration services, you are acknowledging these Terms of Engagement, including namely your acknowledgment that Trademark Angel is not offering to provide you legal advice or legal services at any time in relation to our trademark registration services being provided to you.


The Client represents and warrants that all statements of fact, representations, documents and other information that the Client has made or will make or provide to Trademark Angel which relate to the matter in respect of which these Terms of Engagement are prepared are true and accurate. If there are any changes thereto, the Client understands that it is the Client’s sole responsibility to update Trademark Angel.

The Client shall provide to Trademark Angel in a timely fashion all documents and information required for Trademark Angel to provide the services contemplated herein. During the trademark registration process, Trademark Angel relies on the information provided by Client. If Client provides incorrect information or does not update Trademark Angel when and as required, Trademark Angel cannot be held liable if Client’s trademark application cannot be amended and or is refused.


“ALL IN” package

Special reduced price of only - $790 for the US and $740 for the UK, EU or Canada

In order to benefit from the special offer, you must purchase this special deal directly from website.


This package includes preparation and filing of your application, reporting and responding to non- substantive (procedural) office actions, reporting approval, publication, allowance, filing a Statement of Use with specimens (US only) provided by Client and reporting registration.

If a trademark is refused by the Trademarks Office during examination, we will re-file your trademark for free. Free re-filing will be done on our “SAIL THROUGH” package conditions (review for details) – you will be responsible for government fees but we will waive professional fees. 

The maximum number of classes included: two. Professional fees for each additional class are $50.

Free extras:

• Free recordal of company name and address (value $100 for each). You will be responsible for applicable government fees. Expiry – a year from the invoice date.
• Unlimited consultations with Trademark Angel about your trademark (average of $250).

Special perk:
• After your trademark is registered, we will help you to get your brand registered with Amazon Brand Registry 2 (must ask separately within a month after your trademark is registered). Note we do not register your brand for you but we will share our step-by-step guide. By using our guide, registration will be quick and easy. However, if you encounter difficulties along the way, we will do our best to provide support.

What’s not included:

Government fees, substantive office actions including those addressing confusion or descriptiveness, opposition proceedings.


Government fees are not included in the package and are paid separately once your trademark application is prepared and approved by you for filing.

US government filing fee is US $275 per class. In rare circumstances there may be additional filing fees of US $125 per class if the application does not satisfy the relevant filing option requirement. That is very rare and there is a lot of subjectivity in this so this is outside of our control. If USPTO requests additional filing fees, we will notify you. If we file your application based on “intent to use”, i.e. future use, then there will be extra government fees.

Government fee to file a Statement of Use is US $100 per class per mark. If we need to ask for an extension, then the Trademarks Office will charge you US $125 for each 6-month extension. We do not charge any additional fees for the submission of a Statement of Use or an extension of time.

The UK government fees are GBP 170 for the first class and GBP 50 for each extra class.

European Union:
The EU government filing fee is EUR €850 for the first class. The filing fee for the second class is EUR €50. The filing fee for each extra class is EUR €150.

Canadian government filing fee is C$330 for the 1st class and C$100 for each additional class.


Once you buy the ALL IN Package on the website, we will do a registrability search in the US Trademarks Office database to determine if your trademark can be registered. Trademark search results together with our conclusion will be provided to you.

If we determine that your trademark is unregistrable or has very low chances of achieving registration (less than 30%), we will not file your trademark.  

You will be given 2 options: option (a) to select a different trademark for filing or option (b) to ask for a full refund. You will have 10 calendar days to ask for a refund from the day we informed you that your trademark is unregistrable. If a refund is not requested in writing within 10 calendar days, you will have to choose a different trademark to file but will not be eligible for a refund any more.

If we determine that your trademark has decent chances of getting approved by the Trademarks Office (more than 30%), we will go ahead and prepare a trademark application for your review.


On occasion, Trademark Angel charges on an hourly basis for the services we provide. In such cases, our invoices will be determined by the hours invested by the members of Trademark Angel, including agents, lawyers, and assistants, at their regular hourly rates. The client will always be provided with an estimate before any charges are incurred.


Trademark Angel offers “I changed my mind guarantee”. If you have decided to become our client and changed your mind, a full refund will be offered within the first 48 hours (provided we haven’t started working on your application).

No refunds are offered after 48 hours unless your trademark was found unregistrable after Trademark Angel conducted a search (i.e. chances of achieving registration are less than 30%).

Government fees are never refundable. When a trademark application is filed, the government fees are paid. Once they are paid, they are not refunded for any reason. If your application is filed incorrectly (for the wrong goods, for the wrong trademark or in the wrong name) and you decide to “cancel” it, the Trademarks Office will not refund you the government fees that you paid.


Free re-filing will be done according to the package Client selected. For description of packages, please see above. 

For easier understanding, below we have provided some commonly asked questions and answers:

Question: Who pays government fees?
Answer: You are always responsible for paying applicable government fees.

Question: When is re-filing possible?
Answer: Re-filing is possible only if the Trademarks Office issued a final refusal during the examination process to register your trademark on the Principal or Supplemental Register for all of the goods and services listed in the application.

Question: What if I change my mind about pursuing my trademark? What if I decide to re-brand? What if my trademark is opposed?
Answer: If you decide to abandon your trademark, simply change your mind about pursuing your trademark registration or if you decide to re-brand, we will not re-file for free. If your trademark is opposed by a 3rd party during the opposition period and if you choose not to defend it or if you lose during the opposition proceedings, we will not be able to re-file for free.

Question: Can I re-file for different goods and services?
Answer: No, free re-filing must be done for the same goods and services listed in the initial application. You may decide not to include some goods and services, but you may not expand the original scope of the goods and services.

Question: Can I re-file in a different country?
Answer: No, free re-filing must be done in the same country where the original application was filed.

Question: Can I ask for money-back instead if my trademark is refused?
Answer: No, we do not offer money-back. Free re-filing offer has no monetary or cash value.

Question: How soon do I need to re-file?
Answer: Free re-filing offer must be used within six (6) months after a client was notified of refusal by Trademark Angel.

Question: Can you do partial re-filing?
Answer: No, we will re-file your trademark if it’s refused for all the products and services.

Question: Do you actually register my brand with Amazon Brand Registry?
Answer: We will help you register your brand with Amazon Brand Registry. We have created a guide that we will share with you, if requested. However, you will apply yourself as this will lead to the fastest approval. With our step-by-step guide it's really easy to do and should not take more than 10 minutes. If you get stuck or need any help along the way, we will do our best to help you.


Construction of these Terms of Engagement and the rеѕоlutiоn of diѕрutеѕ shall be governed by the laws of United Kingdom.


Client shall indemnify and hold harmless Trademark Angel, its affiliates, and its respective officers, directors, shareholders, employees, contractors and agents from any and all claims, demands, losses, causes of action, damage, lawsuits, judgments, including reasonable and actual attorneys’ fees and costs, arising out of, or relating to, the Client’s Services under this Agreement.

Neither party shall be liable to the other for any special, indirect, incidental, punitive, or consequential damages arising from or related to this Agreement, including bodily injury, death, loss of revenue, or profits or other benefits, and claims by any third party, even if the Parties have been advised of the possibility of such damages. The foregoing limitation applies to all causes of action in the aggregate, including without limitation to breach of contract, breach of warranty, negligence, strict liability, and other torts.


The Client hereby authorizes Trademark Angel to store the Client’s confidential information on secure online cloud platforms and use the information as provided herein; provided, however that Trademark Angel shall not share such information with any third parties other than its employees, contractors and agents on an as needed basis. Trademark Angel uses electronic mail communication to transfer files and correspond with its clients. By corresponding with and sending Trademark Angel its documents by electronic mail communication, the Client is authorizing Trademark Angel to transfer documents and information to the Client via electronic mail communication. The Client hereby releases Trademark Angel from any and all liability if such information, through no fault of Trademark Angel, becomes available to third parties through a malicious act of a third party or upon the request for disclosure by a government agency. Plеаѕе note: Trademark Angel kеерs no рhуѕiсаl rесоrdѕ, and our оffiсе is fully еlесtrоniс. We only keep our client-related information (other than our invoices) in our online cloud platform for a period of five (5) years, after which time we destroy the information and purge all records thereof from our systems.
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